What we do

At 89Arts we create custom enterprise software solutions for our clients, from small business owners to large corporate businesses. We cover all aspects of development, from software engineering and design, to coding development, testing and quality assurance, deployment, and even maintenance.

Software Engineering

Serious software needs a design philosophy that is rooted in pure engineering. We aren’t just “making programs”, we are designing complex systems that are meant to be extremely reliable and highly scalable.

UI/UX Design

We painstakingly plan out the program flow, UI/UX, and conditional logic that your custom solution needs. User experience is a top priority, because software can't be effective without logical form.

Web Development

Our professional web design and development services are always affordable and competitive. Ensuring and exceeding customer satisfaction is our main goal.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance service is based on rigorous testing, analysis, replication, and correction. We hate bugs more than anyone, and as a development company, our goal is to never ship anything that we aren’t completely satisfied with.

Technology Consulting

We are here to help you understand the various technologies at your disposal, and get them to work harder and smarter for you. Properly utilizing technology to the fullest extent possible, is a great way to lower costs, free up time for you and your employees, and increase profits.

Maintenence Services

Maintaining software is extremely important. As time goes by, things need to be updated to stay modern and work efficiently. From adding features and functionality, to keeping the software healthy, we have the best maintenance plans, at the most affordable prices.

Why Us

We develop software solutions that help private companies, and individual entrepreneurs grow their businesses more effectively and efficiently. Our core principal is simple; find the simplest and most effective solutions to our client’s business problems. We understand that business is fraught with pitfalls and problems, tough challenges, and many hurdles to overcome. This is why we endeavor to be known as a problem-solving company, one that helps our clients to work smarter, as opposed to harder. We achieve this goal through the creation of market specific software creation that either automates a set of tasks, or makes them easier to complete.

Our mission, is to bring task automation and workflow streamlining to the wider business market, and make the philosophy of automation more of a mainstream goal. The greater use of technology is still a mystery to the average small business of today, and so much potential is still unrealized. We aim to correct that problem by helping to make business automation more comprehensible, affordable, and widespread. So, for companies and small businesses that wish to harness the power of technology, choosing to work with us will benefit you immensely.

How We Work

For all custom projects, we create a contract to protect both parties’ interests and investments. Within this contract, we stipulate the terms that both parties have agreed to, and the terms of the payments for the work. The way we handle payments, we charge in three progressive milestone increments that are based on the development process.

The first payment of 20% is due once you have approved our design proposal. The second milestone of 30% is due when you approve the visual design. And the last milestone of 50% is due once the project is complete.

Up until the point where you lock in on the functionality and design options by accepting our detailed proposal, you can change anything about the project that you wish. You do not pay until we have crafted a proposal that you can fully agree to. We then turn that into a legal contract, detailing these terms and the cost, and use it to direct our internal development design document.

Once we present the legal contract to you, and you accept, we charge our initial fee that covers the architecture design, consultation, and legal document creation. In order for work to continue, this should be paid promptly, as we do not move forward until payment is made.

1. Requirements Analysis

Requirements analysis is the point where we engage the client to learn all of the information we need to create our proposal, design document, and contract. This is critical to the success of a project, because it dictates our understanding of the work involved.

We create an initial proposal for the client, and then work with them to refine it until they are satisfied. Once they are satisfied that we fully understand their vision of the software, we create the contract based on this understanding, detailing the terms and cost.

2. Software Design

The software design step is where we utilize the proposal to create the design document or blueprint that our team will follow. This is another critical step, because the more detailed and precise the blueprint – the easier the rest of the work becomes.

When everything is planned out properly, and every contingency is accounted for, development will occur as smoothly as possible.

3. Graphic Design

The UI/UX design step is where we plan out the visual aspects of the program. Creating an intuitive and logic user interface that affords the end user as much of a pleasant experience as possible.

In this phase of development, we again work closely with the client, ensuring that their input is utilized to deliver them an interface that they expect and will be comfortable working with. Once they are satisfied, we lock in on the design and move to the next development step.

4. Coding Development

The implementation step is where we program the actual software. This step takes the longest time, and is where all of the different technologies come together to create the form and functionality we designed in the previous steps.

Programming is as much a fine art as it is a science, therefore expertise and experience are of the utmost importance. By following the blueprint properly, and combining functionality with UI/UX, we are able to create a unique masterpiece for our clients.

5. Quality Assurance

The quality assurance step is where we work on refining our creation, testing, and making sure that it all works and looks as it was intended to. We put the software through every possible scenario we can think of, and try our best to expose any flaws in the running of the system.

However, since we accounted for every possible function mechanic in the design step, there should be nothing to worry about.

6. Delivery to Client

The deployment step is the last part of our development process. This is where we deliver the product to our client and set it up for them on their systems. Typically, if this is a software we can and will install it on their machines, network, etc.

Usually, the clients often just wish for access to download the software and install it on their computers themselves. It all depends on the type of technology we built the software for.

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